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Mozilla Firefox to Compete with Chrome

Mozilla Firefox to Compete with Chrome

Mozilla has launched the new version of Firefox and is now working to make the firefox faster in order to compete with Chrome. It has promised big performance advancements with its latest Firefox browser update. The Mozilla has identified the areas in firefox where it could speed up and load webpages faster. That shows scripts for Instagram, Amazon, and Google all load between 40 and 80 percent faster.

Mozilla Firefox to Compete with Chrome

Other than these improvements, Mozilla is also suspending idle tabs in Firefox in case users have left with only 400MB of RAM on the system. This will help to improve multiple tab performance on systems without much RAM. Firefox broke the Microsoft Internet Explorer’s tough grip on the web ten years ago. So, we can say that the browser war is not a new thing. Today, there are 300 million users of Firefox and stand at the second position on the web after Google Chrome.

Vice president of Firefox product management, Marissa Wood said:

 “We’ve made it so that the browser skips a bunch of unnecessary work during subsequent start-ups,” 

With these changes, Firefox will be able to compete with Chrome. Other than that, Mozilla is also working to improve the privacy controls and protections in Firefox with the new update. 

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