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Samsung 64 MP Camera Results will Blow your Mind

Samsung Rumored 64 MP Camera is Incorporated to Galaxy A70S

This is camera world, as people are ready to invest a huge amount of money on devices which have good camera results. Keeping in view the growing interest of people towards the camera, many smartphone giants started using dual, triple and even more cameras on their device. However, when other tech giants were joining the race of camera count, Samsung was working on something bigger: one camera sensor with the best quality. So, a few days back we came to know that Samsung is successful in manufacturing giant 64 MP camera sensor which will be used in Flagship Note10. However, am surprised to know that the Korean tech company is going to launch this Samsung 64MP Camera to a midranger Galaxy A70s.

Now when you know that Galaxy A70S will be equipped with a giant camera, so it’s normal that you would be eagerly waiting for the device. Galaxy A70S will land in the second half of this year.

Samsung 64 MP Camera Results will Blow your Mind

According to Samsung, pictures captured by the smartphone will be close to reality, thanks to this high range sensor. Isocell GW1 used in this particular device supports real-time HDR up to 100dB, which is 40dB more than the present image sensors are offering. The GW1 captures the light perfectly being optimized. The sensor also features Super phase detection auto-focus technology for faster autofocus and full HD shooting at 480FPS is also supported for cinematic videos for compact devices.

Anyway, now when a Samsung mid-range device is getting a 64 MP camera, I am wondering will flagship Note 10 camera sensor be better than this one? Should we wait for the surprise?

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