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Shocking! Most of the Google Duplex Calls were Made by Humans

Shocking! Most of the Google Duplex Calls were Made by Humans

When it was initially launched at Google I/O last year, people were amazed to know how smartly it is built. As promised by the company, this Google assistant was able to book a doctor’s appointment and even reserve a restaurant for you. In March, this feature was rolled out for pixel handset and later on it was made available in 43 states. After it got famous, it was made available for almost all Android and iOS devices. WIth time people got more fascinated with Google Duplex calls as it was near to perfection.

You Thought Google Duplex Calls were Original?

However, a new report surfacing on the internet will shock you. According to it, quarters of Duplex calls were done by human beings. 14 percent of the calls are initiated by Duplex however required a call center agent to finish it with a confirmation. Well, if a Google assistant doesn’t get anything or it cannot decide whether the person on the other side is a spammer, it transfers calls to the agent so that he can handle it. According to the company, human intervention is helping them to make assistant better than before by gathering information.

So, when you will ask Google to reserve a table for you in any respective restaurant, it will open a table or yelp. If these are not available, it will transfer the task to a human for help. When you ask Google Assistant to make a reservation, it will first try to do so using apps like Open Table and Yelp. If these are unavailable.

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