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This Pakistani boy recreated the trailer of Sonic Film and it actually looks pretty good

Fans of Sonic the Hedgehog, SEGA’s official mascot were extremely disappointed when the trailer of Sonic’s latest live-action film went live a couple of weeks ago.

There was major outrage from the fans due to an awkwardly designed Sonic the Hedgehog. Everywhere on social media fans expressed their anger and demanded that the studio behind the movie fix the appearance of their favorite character.

After much outrage from fans, the studio behind the film finally decided to listen to the fans and assured them that the film will not be released until they fixed the character design of Sonic. Meanwhile, we wait for the redesign, a young boy from Pakistan recreated Sonic the hedgehog trailer in Pakistan.

He used the same background music and sound from the actual trailer but changed everything else using VFX and real actors from Pakistan. Check out the amazing fan made trailer by Waleed Qureshi. You can also see the original trailer of the film below.

Original trailer – 

More From Waleed Qureshi

Waleed Qureshi has actually done a few other interesting VFX short films. Have a look at his work below and make sure to follow his official FB page.

Be sure to check out his complete work on his official FB page.

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