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Huawei and Apple 🍏, What Does The Future Call For?

Huawei's Support For Rival Apple May Be Short Lived

The hot bestic of Huawei-US spoiled trade relations continues to grow stronger as the Trade War between the two doesn’t seem to end. As the US bans Huawei it was inevitable that Huawei would do the same. But to our surprise, Huawei appreciated and supported Apple which is a US company! However, considering the heated scenario it can be predicted that Huawei’s Support For Rival Apple May Be Short Lived.

Apple And China

Earlier, Apple’s sales dropped by 30% in China in response to which Apple’s CEO Tom Cook said that they are to have “Improved Trade Dialogue” between Washington And Beijing in order to set things right. However, Apple still holds 18% of net sales in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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Trade Talks Gone Wrong

Unfortunately, since then the trade talks between Washington and Beijing went very wrong resulting in all the current mess created.

Moreover, the US government got directly involved in the matter with Donald Trump declaring Huawei as a ‘Threat’ and later expressing his intentions of using it as a trade chip instead! To which Huawei’s CEO Ren responded “How are we related to China-US trade” And said that viewing Huawei as a bargaining chip is “A Big Joke!”

Huawei & Apple

Whether it be any of the two. Both the companies have been highly affected by the spoiled China-US trade relationships along with millions of Huawei users especially. However, other mobile phone companies such as Samsung may cash the situation well.

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Rumours were that China may blacklist Apple as a counter attack. When inquired from Ren. He said, “That will not happen first of all, and second of all if that happens, I will be the first to protest!”

He added that Apple is like inspiration and a “Teacher”. He confessed that “If there was no Apple, there would be no mobile internet”.

What Does The Future Call For?

“THIS MEANS WAR!!” Considering the current scenario and the losses Huawei has to and is to, face at the hands of this trade war, it may be considered that China will eventually boycott Apple as a backfire. If that happens it would be one of the most dreadful things happening in the world of technology. It is rather sad how no one cares what adverse effects have this trade war been putting on the user’s lives. Is our world moving towards technological isolation?

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