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Will Huawei US Ban Effect the Company’s Revenue Growth?Huawei is the largest maker of 5G infrastructure in the world

Huawei US Ban

Huawei US Ban is all over the internet, and this story is not going to end soon. Let’s first highlight some points for those who still are unfamiliar with the issue. The cold war between Huawei and the US has been active from the last few years, and the US had been trying to sbest using Huawei devices due to security issues. However, this war became severe for Huawei when  President Donald Trump ordered all the US firms to prevent any trading with the Chinese tech giant.

As a result, first Google stepped back and then many other companies, including JEDEC, WiFi Alliance, SD association, and ARM said goodbye to Huawei. However, it seems like Huawei is quite optimistic about the future of the company. Despite being banned from working with US companies, Huawei is confident that its phone business will continue to grow without the help of Google, Microsoft, and chip-designers like ARM.

Will Huawei US Ban Effect the Company’s Revenue Growth?

No doubt, Huawei US ban will affect the company’s revenue growth to some extent especially in the short term. However, the situation is not as bad but the US media is drumming it up for obvious reasons. They reported that a UK smartphone trading site, musicMagpie, listed slightly used Huawei P30 Pro but in extremely good condition selling less than $130, losing 90% of its value. It is totally unfair as probably that was either the only phone or it was set-up as no other phones appeared for sale again even anywhere close to that price.

Yes, it is true that some Huawei users were got confused when they came to know about the ban. But Huawei is really trying hard to satisfy its users by launching its own Operating System and Play store. Some Huawei users personally asked me about the outcomes of this situation. Honestly, I think it is not as easy as the US believes in putting down the Huawei. Let’s examine the number of years the companies have served. Huawei came into existence since 1987. In a Period of almost 32 years, Huawei became the second largest phone brand, precisely 11 years less than the Apple founded.

Huawei is the largest maker of 5G infrastructure in the world

Now, the question arises, why the US is doing this? The answer lies in the actions against Huawei stretch back to 2012 and highlight the sensitive role that technology brands play in the stressed trade relations between the US and China, two countries that see 5G networks as crucial to their success as world powers. Huawei is the largest maker of 5G infrastructure in the world. This reason is quite enough to understand the cause of the ban.

What do you think who will win the 5G race? Will the ban affect the Huawei’s business or its position in the global market? Do tell us your views in the comment section below.

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