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YouTube Music has 15 million subscribers one year after launch

YouTube Music Passed 15 Million Users in One Year

Since its inception, YouTube Music has not got any market success when compared to YouTube TV which spread like a fire. However, we have come across a new report which claims that in one year after its launch, YouTube music has surpassed 15 million subscribers.

YouTube Music has 15 million subscribers one year after launch

The report was released by none other than Bloomberg who said that:

“Google’s paid music services have eclipsed 15 million subscribers.”

The figure also includes YouTube Music Premium and Play Music as one need to subscribe to one in order to get access to the other. It should also be mentioned here that this figure of 15 million also includes promotional trials.

When we compare it with apple music, it has 50 million paying users whereas Spotify has 100 million. Google is far much behind than these 2 competitors however it is better than Pandora having 7 million subscribers.

Google had announced that YouTube Music is the future of premium music services. It also said that once it gets all the features, it will fade off Google Play Musci Service. In order to get more subscribers, YouTUbe music promoted live performance by Coachella 2019. Due to this, it got 82 million live views in the first weekend. Now the company is in talks with Lollapalooza to live stream its performance in August.

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