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5G Technology to Bring Revolution in Surgery

5G Technology to Bring Revolution in Surgery

A doctor in Spain after carrying out the world’s first 5G-powered telementored operation said that the next-generation wireless technology is going to take the medical world much closer to robots performing remotely controlled surgery.

5G Technology to Bring Revolution in Surgery

It seems 5G would be proved helpful in expert surgery to everyone on this planet. By enabling experienced surgeons to monitor procedures from afar, the best skills can reach even the most remote hospitals. The World’s first use of 5G telesurgery took place in Barcelona.

Previously, Doctors have telementored surgeries by using wireless networks, but 5G increases image quality and definition, which are crucial for medical teams to make decisions with as much information.

Dr. Antonio de Lacy provided real-time guidance via a 5G video link from a Barcelona congress center to a team of surgery that operated on a patient having an intestinal tumor about 5 kilometers away at the Hospital Clinic.

He highlighted that this was the first step in order to achieve our dream, it will be helpful to make remote operations in the near future.

Julia Velasco, head of Network Deployment and Optimisation at Vodafone Spain, said:

“what we have experienced here today is a perfect example of all the potential that 5G can develop in society. We are proud to share our 5G network in Barcelona and to demonstrate our clear and determined commitment to lead the development of this technology”.

5G reduces latency to a great extent. According to the experts, that 5G will allow surgeons to control a robot arm in order to carry out operations in remote locations where there is lack of specialist doctors.

John Hoffman, the chief executive officer of the mobile communications industry body GSMA, said that the world’s first 5G mentored live surgery is truly revolutionary.

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