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Huawei Becomes World’s Biggest 5G Equipment Supplier with 50 commercial Contracts

Huawei Becomes World's Biggest 5G Equipment Supplier Despite US Drama

Huawei was in hot water for some time as the US had asked the companies to sbest any kind of trading with the Chinese company and caused a national emergency saying that the Huawei 5G equipment is spying the country. As an order different US companies including Google, Qualcomm, Intel and etc had to cut ties with Huawei. Well in all this fuss no doubt Huawei was effected. Though the company announced its own Operating System and other software as well, one cannot deny that it incident left a black mark on the Chinese tech giant. We do not have yearly profit and sales figures from the company yet but one thing is for sure, definitely, Huawei sales will drop following the incident. However, one thing which remained intact was Huawei still leads the global 5G race with 50 commercial contracts from all over the world. After the US ban on Huawei’s 5G equipment, It still managed to maintain its 5G leadership worldwide.

Huawei Becomes World’s Biggest 5G Equipment Supplier with 50 commercial Contracts

This exact figure was revealed by Huawei’s managing director during Shanghai’s “5G is now” summit. By supplying 50 commercial contracts, the company has become the world’s biggest 5G equipment supplier. The contracts granted to Huawei by different countries including Switzerland, Finland, South Korea and the UK. When Huawei stood the first position in the 5G race, Nokia and Ericson have acquired second and third positions with 30 and 18 contracts, respectively.

The statistics reveal very interesting details: 34% of 5G equipment is from Huawei, whereas 25% is from South Korea and the US and Finland stands at 14%.

Well, Huawei has proved itself, but the time will tell what will its Smartphone global sales drop or the company will manage to be the world’s best smartphone brand?

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