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Huawei Gets 46 Commercial 5G Contracts in 30 Countries

Huawei 5G Contracts

The past month had been so tough for the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturing Company, Huawei. Most of the US Companies broke their ties with Huawei one after the other. GoogleQualcommIntelBroadcomARM, SD Association, JEDEC, as well as Wi-Fi Alliance banned Huawei. The Huawei US ban is devastating the company making things more difficult for it. As we already mentioned, Huawei is the largest maker of 5G infrastructure in the world. This reason is quite enough to understand the cause of the ban. Now, Huawei gets 46 Commercial 5G Contracts in 30 Countries. No doubt, very Good Speed, Thumbs up.

Huawei Gets 46 Commercial 5G Contracts in 30 Countries

Moreover, Huawei has also announced that It has shipped more than 100,000 5G base stations, ranking best in the world. However, Huawei is quite optimistic about the future of the company. According to the company, it was well prepared for China’s 5G commercial use. Last year, Huawei made the world’s first 5G call and launched the first 5G terminal device.

Furthermore, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology granted commercial-use 5G licenses to the China Broadcasting and Television Network and the country’s best three telecom operators — China Telecom Group, China Mobile Communications Group, and China United Network Communications Group.

Moreover, Huawei has recently signed a deal with Russian Telecom Company MTS. Guo Ping, Huawei executive, and Alexei Kornya, president and CEO of MTS, signed the deal in front of both presidents. Furthermore, it is quite clear from the declaration of the partnership between China and Russia that Russia is supporting Huawei when the United States is trying to ban the Shenzhen company across the globe.

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