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Huawei’s Lock Screens Show Advertisements


Android Police has reported that a number of Huawei phone owners have complained that their devices have suddenly started showing ads in their lock screens. Huawei users have begun noticing and reported that ads from have appeared on the Huawei’s Lock Screens.

Huawei’s Lock Screens Show Advertisements

According to the 9to5Google, most of  Huawei’s phones appear are displaying ads, and these ads seem to appear on phone’s lock screens using the preinstalled landscape wallpapers. It has been observed on various models in several countries that include the UK, Netherlands, Ireland, South Africa, Norway, and Germany.

On Twitter, Huawei users have complained and made criticizes. There are no such details that why this happening as the mobile manufacturer company did not say a word about it yet. However,  Huawei’s German Twitter account apologized, in reply to one user.

It says:

“I’m sorry that you think we want to advertise”,

It further said that the users can deactivate the ad by swiping up on the screen and going into settings to deleted the individual image.

However, no one knows the reason why it is happening to the lock screens of the phones but it is not looking good. Users are getting uncomfortable and complaining about it on social platforms.

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