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Mobile Registration Through PTA’s Two Steps Authentication Process (Guide)


PTA has introduced a new two steps verification system into its DIRBS project in order to tackle invalid mobile device registration. Now, in order to register your mobile device as an international traveler, you’ll need to either apply through the PTA DIRBS web portal or through a USSD Code i.e *8484#.

We’ll guide you through the process through both separately.

Starting with the DIRBS Web Portal.

Device Registration Through DIRBS Web Portal (New Two Steps Verification Process)

Step 1:

Login to DIRBS web portal at:

two steps verification 1 PTA DIRBS

Step 2:

Here, you’ll have to put in the information mentioned below in order to register your mobile device.

  1. Your Full Name
  2. CNIC Number
  3. Passport Number
  4. Mobile Phone Number
  5. The IMEI(s) of your mobile device

(Dial *#06# to retrieve IMEI information of the device you want to register)

Step 3:

Upon submission, you’ll receive an OTP 4 digits Code (One-Time Password) on the mobile number that you mentioned in step 2 while applying.

dirbs process 3

NOTE: The SIM must be registered against the applicant’s CNIC number. If not, read further! (Step 5)

Step 4:

Type in the 4 digits OTP code in the application for verification. (You’ll see an OTP Code field along with the Contact number field in the IMEI information section of the application, as shown in the screenshot below)

dirbs process 2

Upon verification, your device will be registered!

Step 5 (Unmatched SIM)

If SIM isn’t matched/registered against applicants CNIC, You will be required to further upload these documents:

  1. Passport Copy
  2. CNIC Copy
  3. Boarding Pass / FIA Stamp Copy

dirbs process 4

Upon successful submission of the above documents, PTA will register your device.

Device Registration through USSD.

Starting with

Step 1:

Dial *8484#

ussd dial 8484 dirbs

Step 2:

Just like in step 2 mentioned above (Web Portal), put in the required information.

Step 3:

If the mobile number you mentioned in the process (in step 2) matches against your of the applicant’s CNIC, you wouldn’t receive any OTP to proceed. At this point, PTA will register your device without any further conditions.

Step 4 (Unmatched SIM)

If the mobile number isn’t registered or matched against applicant’s CNIC, user will be required to upload these documents through the web portal i.e

  1. Passport Copy
  2. CNIC Copy
  3. Boarding Pass / FIA Stamp Copy

two steps verification ussd 2

NOTE: User doesn’t need to start the whole process over again through the web portal. Some login details/credentials including username and password will be sent onto your mobile number along with a URL to visit, where you’d have to upload the documents mentioned above.

two steps verfication ussd 3

Upon successful submission, your device will be registered.

If you have any query, you can use the comment form below to ask or email directly at [email protected]

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