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Oppo In-Display Camera to be Unveiled at MWC China

Oppo In-Display Camera Device to Launch on June 26

Opp is all set to launch an in-display camera device on June 26. The company has released its official teaser video and we must agree that the device is quite impressive. This is the company’s first device having in-display camera technology. Oppo in-display camera seems unique.

This in-display camera tech will be unleashed at the events of devices- MWC China.  Maybe the devices will not be ready but it’s possible that we may see the prototype which would be equipped with this latest technology.

Oppo In-Display Camera to be Unveiled at MWC China

While we will have to wait for 2 more days to see how the device actually looks like, the company has released a video teaser which has built more excitement. Let’s watch the teaser video of Oppo In-display camera device first:

The teaser video gives us an overview of Oppo front camera and later on show us the rotating camera of N series, pop up camera of find X and the best one,  shark-fin camera of the OPPO Reno. It is amazing to see the activation of the selfie camera on the best of the Oppo device when a person opens the camera. Later on, the person in teaser places a finger on the best of the screen to block the camera.

Will Oppo be the World’s first In-Display Camera device maker?

Moreover, Oppo is not the only one who is working on this technology as Samsung, Xiaomi and Vivo have also announced this tech long ago. However, after two days, we will be able to know whether Oppo has made the device and has become the winner or it will just showcase a prototype.

Will the In-Display camera perform better than the current cameras?

The in-display system is sophisticated and elegant. It will eradicate the mechanical parts to operate, unlike current cameras being used. However, we do not know what company would have adapted to enable the camera. Maybe the new camera module will impact battery size or will need much larger bezels to be included in the device. So we can’t comment on it until the devices are official. Let’s see the device in a few days and then it would be easier for us to decide whether the device is practical or not.

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