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Xiaomi Launches Beware of the Notch Series

Xiaomi is trolling Huawei & Samsung with Beware of the Notch Series Video

Gone are days, when Chinese mobile devices were lagging behind, now they have not only taken the smartphone shipment market by the storm but also producing even better devices than other big companies. Oppo and Xiaomi are such examples who incorporated new technologies in their devices before any other smartphone brands even thought about it. Notched were in fashion 1.5 to 2 year back, and after Apple, all the leading brands like Samsung and Huawei had adopted it. However, it was not a great success as people were not happy to have it. Then the concept of Popup selfies camera and full-screen devices was conceived by non-other than Oppo followed by Xiaomi. However, Samsung and Huawei remained stick to the Notch display, which made them lose customers. Well, this was the history, at present Xiaomi has unveiled Mi 9T which has notch less display and pop up selfie camera. So in order to tease this device, the company has come up with a funny as well as the excieting idea. It released three ” Xiaomi Beware of the Notch Series Video” in order to make fun of other smartphones giants.

Xiaomi Beware of the Notch Series

Beware of going to hairdresser with a notch display devices:

The Makeup that made you look like a monster- Thanks to the notch

Scariest experience of effects of notched display devices at the dentist:

Well, no doubt the adverts show some creativity and on the lighter mode, they are quite enjoyable. But there is something to ponder on. How Xiaomi can make fun of notched devices whne it was also those brands who introduced plenty of devices with notches. It’s funny to see that Xiaomi has got some superpowers who told it that the notches were never good. Moreover, after watching the advert, am not able to conclude one thing, how the notched devices were causing these blunders? Maybe the advert is incomplete and needs to be addressed more.

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