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Huawei Harmony Operating System (Hongmeng) will land on Smart TV first

This would be the First Huawei Device having Harmony Operating System

After the US had banned trading with the Chinese tech giant, Huawei has to face a lot. All the big companies, including Google, had sbestped any kind of goods or services exchange with the company. However, later on, this trade ban was softened by President Donal Trump, and it was also announced that Huawei devices would keep on getting Android OS. However, Huawei CEO said that the company is self-sufficient and it will not ignore the development of its own operating system. Finally, we have got to know that Huawei Harmony Operating System is ready, and the first device receiving it is Honor Smart TV.

So Huawei is all set to release its first smart TV, and it will be the first device to house Harmoney OS also known as HongMeng OS. The is just a month away and will be launched in August. This TV will be branded as Honor and has 55″ screen. Apart from entertainment platform, it will also work as a hub for Huawei smart home system.

Huawei Harmony Operating System will land on Smart TV first

In an interview, the company CEO revealed that he wants to hold the going trends of TV and want to make this TV smarter so that people will stop using their devices.

Moreover, it’s a good step, to fix bugs and other improvements by launching this Huawei Harmoney operating system on TV first. Surely it will be later on launched on its flagship devices when improved and fixed. Furthermore, according to the report, Huawei OS HongMeng is faster than macOS and Android.

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