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Instagram’s Hide like counts Feature is Available to Few Users

Instagram’s Hide like counts Feature is Available to Few Users

Instagram is planning to hide the like counts on photos that people will not see how many likes your pictures have received. The purpose of this step is just to remove the psychological pressure on Youth. Instagram is one of the major social platforms that is getting harmful to the mental health of the youth.

Now this picture sharing social platform has started rolling out the new feature in a few countries that include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and Brazil. It is to be expected that soon this feature will be available in the other part of the World.

A Few Countries Get Instagram’s Hide like counts Feature

Mia Garlick, Facebook Australia, and New Zealand director of policy said in a statement:

“We hope this test will remove the pressure of how many likes a post will receive, so you can focus on sharing the things you love, This change can help people focus less on likes and more on telling their story”.

This new amazing feature will encourage the users to share their updates so confidently and will give a huge stress relief to them. According to Instagram, the feature test would not affect measurement tools for businesses and users will be able to see the people’s list who liked other people’s content by clicking into it.

The new feature will minimize the stress of receiving the number of likes on the posts, as nowadays, people consider the number of likes a post gets is a measure of success on Instagram.

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