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Pampers Introduces Smart Diaper | Check All Features

These Baby Smart Diapers are the talk of town these Days

No doubt this is the world of technology and everything we see is somehow related to it, but there is one thing which I had never imagined would be the victim of technology is baby’s diapers. One of the largest diaper company globally named pampers has introduced smart diapers. These diapers are attached to a connected care system called Lumi. This system track baby, his activities mainly through the sensors attached to it. When the Baby Smart diaper is wet, the installed sensor sends a notification via app to parents.

It also stores baby sleep and wake times so that parents or guardians can track this information. Like baby monitors, it tells about feeding times as well. Video monitoring is also integrated with the app.

Pampers Takes ‘Wearables’ to a Whole New Level by Introducing Baby Smart Diaper

Well, this is a good initiative but only time will tell whether It will be successful among parents or not. Furthermore, one thing is for sure, it would be quite costly. In today’s world when people are considering other options to buy other diapers instead of Pampers. In such circumstance, buying such technology-oriented smart diapers would be a challenge and not many people would be able to afford it.

Maybe working moms will try it as it will make their lives easier than before and will be able to track the baby’s daily activities. As far as price is concerned the company has not revealed it and the launch date is not known yet.

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