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US Ban Policies Do not Matter for Huawei Any More

US Ban Policies Do not Matter for Huawei Any More

As you all know that President Donald Trump has lifted the partial ban from Huawei after two months. In these months, he accused the Chinese tech giant of spying country through its 5G equipment’s. This order was passed during the G-20 meeting in Osaka, Japan. Well, Huawei was already prepared for the ban, and after the ban, it collaborated with many companies which showed it could go well without Huawei. So as expected, Huawei will have little or no effect over the softer ban. According to Ren Zhengfel, Huawei founder, this uplift of the ban will not have any impact on the company or its business. Softer US Ban Policies show that the country is very unpredictable.

US Ban Policies Do not Matter for Huawei Any More

He said that the company is done with American hostility and will focus on carrying on the job in a more targeted way than before. The comments clearly show that Huawei as a company is self-sufficient, and it even performed better when the US tried to make things harder for it.

No doubt, the US president, Donald Trump has remained unpredictable and knowing this Huawei has remained prepared for the worst situations. Moreover, it clearly shows that Huawei was not spying any country through its components, and it was all a drama to put pressure on China. If Huawei were proved to spy any land, he wouldn’t be allowed to trade again with American companies.

Furthermore, as Huawei is prepared for all kinds of circumstances, lifting the ban makes no difference to the company.

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