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WhatsApp will Temporarily Ban Your Account if you Misuse Certain Functions | Check Details

WhatsApp Banned

What will we do if suddenly our WhatsApp stops working? Of course, it would be a mini heart attack for most of us, as nowadays it is the main medium of communication. We love to keep in touch with our beloved ones via Whatsapp. We use WhatsApp to keep tracking our old school friends, organize social events and even for business communication. But be aware, now WhatsApp will temporarily ban your account if you misuse certain functions on the app or disobey the Whatsapp’s rules.

You will receive a notification when you get banned. That will notify about ‘temporarily banned from WhatsApp’.

Get Ready for the WhatsApp Ban, If You Break Any Rule

WhatsApp wants to Keep its platform free from any illegal activity. The messaging company is banning the accounts just to curb the undesirable behavior and those tools which are violating WhatsApp’s terms.

Try to Avoid the Following Thing That Could Get You Banned:

  1. Sending too many messages to people whose number you do not have saved on your phone
  2. If a user is blocked by a lot of other users in a short period of time
  3. If you create too many groups that contain users that are not in your address book
  4. If you are using a fake version of WhatsApp

We hope that with proper policy implementation, Whatsapp will provide a safer environment for its users.

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