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Historic Science Achievement – A Clone Kitten Produced

Bloom of Technology: China Creates First Clone Kitten

Do you remember the feeling of looking at a clone personality made by scientists? It was the most remarkable thing to know such technology exists but we also knew it wouldn’t be turning to reality. We were wrong, as soon scientist started cloning dogs, sheep and monkeys etc. Now China has created clone kitten for the very first time. The firm Sinogene cloned a kitten from a previously dead cat. They named this dead pet cat as Garlic, and the company marked it as the first-ever clone kitten.

This cloning cost around 250,000 yuan whereas the cloning of a dog is expensive as it cost around 380,000 yuan. The same company had previously clone 40 pet dogs.
Sinogene’s CEO Mi Jidong told AFP said that though the pets cloning is quite expensive, still people are ready to invest in it.


“In fact, a large proportion of customers are young people who have only graduated in the last few years. Whatever the origin of pets, owners will see them as part of the family. Pet cloning meets the emotional needs of the young generations.”

Garlic had died seven months before its cloning. His owner was very sad, so he came to the company for its cloning. According to him, both the cats are quite similar even the similarity difference between two cats is more than 90%.

The firm is working on cloning Pandas in order to control their population worldwide. A specialist at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chen Dayuan, is studying and researching panda cloning for more than 20 years.

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