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5 Reasons Why Soul Fest 2020 Was a Must Visit for Karachiites


Karachiites had an exciting weekend as Soul Fest 2020 lit up the City of Lights. The event kick-started on Friday 24th January and continued till Sunday 26th January. The attendees not only enjoyed the fresh hot food but also got the opportunity to see the performance by the top artists from Pakistan including Strings, Fuzon, Natasha Baig and more at the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Park.

Here’s our list of 5 Reasons Why Soul Fest 2020 Was a Must Visit!

1. Ragra vs Tagra Challenge – We FINALLY Found Out Who’s the Boss!

Eating food can get really messy especially when there are sauces. Often drinks get spilled on clothes that have been recently purchased or are our favourites leaving us in a quandary of whether those stubborn stains can be washed away.

To prove that you no longer have to put your strength and money into removing tough stains, Ariel brought the Ragra vs Tagra Challenge. The brand used transparent washing machines to prove that their claim of Ariel being the best at solving the issue of stubborn stains.

Eager to know the truth, we decided to be a part of this challenge.

The first stop was the staining booth. There were 4 different kinds of liquids present; ink, pizza sauce, cold drinks, and tea. Our mission was to use these to turn 2 bright yellow T-shirts into a total mess!

We completely destroyed the new t-shirts are were not ready to accept that any detergent in the world was able to clean them that too in just 3 minutes.

The second step was to move on to the transparent washing machines – which we have to admit is an uber-cool idea.

The first t-shirt was placed in the ‘other detergent’ machine and the second in the Ariel machine. The timers were set to 3 minutes, and everyone’s eyes were on the tumbling shirts eagerly waiting to see the result.

As the timer hit ‘0’, the moment of truth had arrived.

The demo started off with the other detergent, and let me tell you the result was exactly what we had predicted, blue inked stains remained and those stubborn stains just did not want to come off.

What then literally blew us away was when the representative pulled out the shirt in the washing machine in which Ariel was used.

SPOTLESS! Yes, we kid you not! This is not an exaggeration, the results were right in front of us!

5 Reasons Why Soul Fest 2020 Was a Must Visit for Karachiites

Ariel proved to be what it claimed and the other detergent was actually nothing but ‘Ragra’! Hands down Ariel is truly a Tagra 1 wash solution for the toughest stains.

2. Countless Stalls with Food Variety

Soul Fest was filled with a number of delicious, mouth-watering and out-of-the-box food concepts that had everyone loving the fest.

5 Reasons Why Soul Fest 2020 Was a Must Visit for Karachiites

We also tried a number of stalls and had just enough to save us from falling into a food coma!

3. Super Awesome Singers & Bands

The energy at the venue was contagious. Soul Fest had entertained the crowd with the best including Fuzon, Strings, Farhan Saeed, Natasha Baig, Raeth, and many more!

4. Safety & Security for all Attendees

The entire venue was covered with CCTV cameras ensuring maximum security as all cameras were focused on the public.

5. Promoting Hygiene & Healthy Lifestyle

It is super important for an environment to be safe as well as hygienic. Soul Fest was exactly that and more. Not only did the core management team ensure cleanliness, but it also used bicycles to move around promoting a very healthy lifestyle that we should adopt.

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