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Facebook Messenger App Lock Privacy Features and Here is How to Use it

Facebook New Privacy Features and Here is How to Use it

Facebook has introduced new privacy feature. Facebook Announcements says purpose of introducing privacy features is to provide a safe environment for users and give them more control.

Messenger app lock
Facebook has introduced a separate feature for users to lock the messenger app, which is intended to secure the user’s chat and prevent others from accessing it. The company has added the Fingerprint Lock feature in the Messenger app, which will be available to users as they choose to unlock their mobile privacy settings.

What happens in Messenger, stays in Messenger. Today, we’re rolling out new features like the ability to lock your app. Find out how and more about our other updates here:

— Messenger (@messenger) July 22, 2020

Face Lock or Fingerprint Lock will be used by users who already have this feature in their mobile, ie they unlock their mobile with the help of Face Lock or Fingerprint.
Facebook New Privacy Features and Here is How to Use it

According to a Facebook spokesperson, the purpose of this feature is to protect the user’s account so that when someone uses his phone, he will not be able to access Messenger. This feature of Facebook Messenger is currently available to users using iOS operating system, this feature will be introduced for Android users in the next few weeks or months.

In addition, Facebook has introduced a new section in the privacy settings where users will be able to easily access the app, block IDs and others.

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