Best One Note Alternative – The Boost Note Can be a Good Option for taking notes

Best One Note Alternative - The Boost Note Can be a Good Option for taking notes

Boost Note is an open source cross-platform application for taking notes. This application is designed specifically for programmers but can also be used by non-programmers.

This application is available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Earlier, the application was also available on Android and iOS, but its developer stopped working on mobile apps and started focusing on the desktop version.

The interface of this application consists of three parts. One part is sidebar menu, the other is snippet listing and the third is notice preview.
The sidebar contains default folders such as All Notes, Starred, Trash and user-created folders. Clicking on a folder displays all the notices containing it.

Each note contains a title, tag, and information. You can simply switch them to the title if you wish. Notices appear in the edit section when activated, where users can work on them further.
Boost Note supports HTML, syntax highlighting, text and many more features. Formatting can use links and different text sizes in notes. 

In this application, users can add multiple clips to a note and also create a collection of notes, which can be linked to each other. It can be fully customized with Boost Notes options. The editor’s theme, interface and font size can also be changed.

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