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Easy way to Install WhatsApp for Both Numbers in Same Phone

Install WhatsApp for Both Numbers

WhatsApp is the most used application in mobile phones nowadays. The main reason is its ease of use. This app is used by people all over the world for their communication.

 But like other applications, WhatsApp does not allow its user to install two WhatsApps at the same time at same mobile. Many people need 2 WhatsApp, one for personal use and the other for business or office work.
 Not every phone has this feature, in the latest software version of Android this feature is being provided to the users but now what should the old phone users who need 2 WhatsApp do?
Here is How to Do it 
 First you go to your phone’s settings there will be an option of clone app, dual app or parallel app, turn it on. After turning on, select which apps you want in your phone.
Install WhatsApp for Both Numbers

If your phone’s settings don’t have this option, download the clone app from the Google Play Store and then use the two WhatsApp.

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