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Pakistani ID Card Number Detailed Explanation

Amazing information about Pakistani identity card which will be be surprise for you. Have you ever thought how 13 digit code of your ID card was made? Three sections of ID card numbers means what? 

Pakistani ID Card Number Explained
If you don’t know then no worry, we will be describing its complete details. National Identity Card is the identity of every Pakistani but very few people will be familiar with the identity card number technology and its automated identification system.

 ID card numbers Sections 
  A id card consists of 3 section. First section has 5 numbers, 2nd section has 7 numbers and last section has only 1 number. 
ID card Sections Explanation 
 First five digits
 For example, we write an ID card number
 15302 – ******* – *
 The first number that comes first
 That is 1 Which indicates the province.  People with ID card numbers Starting with 1, Those people are residents of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. Similarly If your ID card number starting at 2, So you are a resident of FATA. Similarly
 3 for Punjab
 4 for Sindh
 5 for Balochistan
 6 for Islamabad
 7 for Gilgit-Baltistan.
 In this five digit code, The second number shows your division. For example, In the code above Second number is the digit of 5, That indicates Malakand. While the other three digits Your respective district, The relevant tehsil of this district, And union council number. 
ID card Center 7 Digits
 Look at this ID card no which focuses its central part. 
 ***** – 1234567- *
 This middle code Displays your family number (Khandan numner). All members of each family which are connected to each other by blood relations. 
 Computerized genealogy is formed with help of these 7 numbers.  That is, the Family Tree is formed.
ID card Last Digit 
 ***** – ******* – 1
 This last no Indicates your gender. For men, this number will always be in the Odd number like  1,3,5,7,9 And For women
 This number will be even like  2,4,6,8. 
So that’s all about Pakistani ID card number format explanation and we hope that i has help you to understand it better.

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