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3 Best WhatsApp alternatives for privacy and security in 2021

3 Best WhatsApp alternatives for privacy and security in 2021
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If you are a WhatsApp user, you have heard of the recent privacy changes to take effect from May 2021. Failure to accept these new terms will see users locked out of the application.
Accepting these new terms will give WhatsApp the authority to share your private information with Facebook, its mother company, for marketing and promotion purposes.
This means that anything outside the content shared in calls and messages on WhatsApp will be open to the public. WhatsApp will share with Facebook your bio information, pictures, phone number, and status updates. Other information that may be accessible to the public includes your contacts, how often you communicate, the device used to communicate, group chats, and the amount of time you spend on WhatsApp.
If you are looking for alternatives to WhatsApp. Here are the best three options available to you.

1. Viber

This is a VoIP service by the Japanese, and it is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp. It is built with all the features present on the WhatsApp platform, and a few extra ones that make it function better than WhatsApp. All the media, chats, and calls on Viber are end-to-end encrypted, meaning it is impossible for third parties to read or access the data. It supports groups of up to 250 members and group video calls for up to 20 participants.

2. Telegram

Telegram has been the biggest competitor for WhatsApp for many years. The features that make it a preferred alternative include end-to-end encryption that includes self-destructive messages capability. Telegram supports groups with up to 200,000 users, making it the best option for most community groups and movements.

3. Signal

This is one of the latest messaging apps and a reliable alternative to WhatsApp. It makes use of the open-source system, making it safer and more private than WhatsApp. Some of the security features include screen security, which makes it impossible to take screenshots of chats, encryption for files, conversations, and calls on the platform, and a self-destructive feature for chats.

Other ways to protect your privacy

Apart from switching to a new messaging app, there are other ways to protect your privacy when using messaging apps. 
These include:

1. Private browsers

Private browsers encrypt your online activity, masking it from online tracking and hackers. Privacy-focused browsers will protect you by channeling your browser traffic through its secure network that hides your location and activity.

2. Using a VPN

The functions of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) include:
● Encryption of your online traffic.
● Protecting your private info from spies and hackers.
● Unblocking geo-restricted content online by bypassing restrictions.

3. Using password managers

A password manager is an application that makes it easy to generate strong passwords. It also secures all your passwords in one safe location. A password manager will also alert you whenever there has been a password breach.
Whether you wish to migrate to a different app or looking to boost your security online, this comprehensive guide is your gateway to privacy and protection online.

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