Apartmentalization of Cities provide best solutions to tackle Urbanization

Apartmentalization of Cities provide best solutions to tackle Urbanization
Islamabad:-Urbanization in developing countries is considered synonymous to economic growth and Pakistan is no exception. United Nations Development Program estimates that Pakistan has the highest rate of urbanization in South Asia. As of 2020, 37.17% of the inhabitants are living in urban areas, which according to UN estimates, will increase to almost 50% by 2025. While this affects every walk of life from health provision to climate, and from traffic congestion to city planning, real estate gets its due share as well and therefore, we need to re-evaluate our priorities.
Lack of affordable housing space is linked to population growth and migration to cities. The issue is exacerbated due to inefficient use of available housing space. Cost of land has skyrocketed as a result of increased housing demand in cities; a sizeable number of people therefore cannot afford to build a house. Limited land available in cities is further congested due to requirement of a large number of office buildings, in addition to essential amenities like schools, hospitals, parks and markets. 
Apartment living provides safe and secure environment; in fast pace living of today one cannot find time to indulge in neighbourhood perks and sociable evenings, jobs are not a mere 9 – 5 routine these days and apartment living gives certain benefits to people. Unlike olden times, when the whole town knew not only the name but the whole database of a person, in most cases we don’t even know who lives in the next house or who moved in the corner house. Apartment living ensures sociability and security. The utility bills are lessened; the lawn or the roof maintenance, security guard fees or the plumber and electrician charges are all shared or in some forms exempted. There is no thoroughfare in an apartment building and no strangers lurking around in the corner as compared to streets of houses and roads which is a cumbersome thing in today’s unsafe and suspicious times when the crime is always the talk of the town or in todays case talk of the social media in the form of latest hashtag.
AAA Associates, the market leaders in their sphere, have end eavoured to construct large buildings for their customers with residential and business accommodations, owing to the benefits apartment living provides to the consumers. 
We believe that building apartments will hold numerous advantages to the consumers such as affordable living at better locations of city, with easy access to schools, hospitals, markets and offices. It offers low maintenance cost as compared to a house – provision of common / central maintenance services with least possible hassle. Access to upscale lifestyle is achieved for apartment building residents such as in-house gyms, entertainment avenues, coffee shops and more.Better and centralized security mechanism is attained as compared to lone security arrangements at houses. Last but not the least it ensures contribution in betterment of town planning, wherein, more people can be accommodated in cities, providing everyone better opportunities, they deserve.
Due to high-rise in the demand, pertaining to the many solutions apartments offer, AAA Associates considers itself one step ahead by catering to these needs of the consumers.

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