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Buy Amazing Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Smartphone from Qmart Store

You have been using the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3 from online store for over a year. You can find it to be a good and reliable phone.
You can choose it because it is a reliable and best-selling product in the market. You can buy a fantastic Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 smartphone from Qmart online store at an affordable price.
To make sure that you will not end up with a device that is hard to use. The manufacturer introduces its Galaxy Fold 3. The company promises the best experience one can get through its folding smartphone.
This product is complicated and easy to handle. It does not require any training for the user to operate it. The foldable phone may design to work in the same way as any other smartphone, and you can use your old one with it.
You can use this device for a variety of things, like reading books and viewing films on your big screen, as well as creating messages using the S pen.
Specification and Feature:
It has various unique specifications and features like foldable and S-pen availability. It is available all over Pakistan, and you can get easy access by the online store.
You can visit and search its prices and features and do online shopping from it. You can get a discount of around 8% when performing a transaction from the bank.
The Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3, which comes with an official warranty, has a 5G 12GB/256GB storage capacity and costs around Rs. 295,999.
Its has 7.6 inches foldable dynamic AMOLED display and Octa-core, Snapdragon 888 5G. You will mesmerize by this feature because there is no punching hole camera on display.
Color Specification:
Color that is both bright and classic. The Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is available in three iconic shades that are sure to turn attention. It includes phantom black, green, and silver. All of these fashionable hues, suitable for any occasion or event, are available in the Qmart online shop, making it easy to purchase.
S Pen Addition With a Smartphone:
 The first S Pen is to be available in a foldable form that improves your writing. As you put pen to glass, you’ll achieve accuracy of your fingertips can only daydream for you.
With this foldable property, you can watch videos, call and make your work more efficient because the screen divides into two.
You can make a call or watching the videos on one side and write or draw a sketch on the other side of the display.
Charging capacity:
In the case of the Samsung galaxy Z fold 3, battery life is much better than the others. You can use it all day and night since the 4400mAh Li-Po automatically adjusts the power.
Then you may use 25W Fast Charging or Fast Wireless Charging to give your smartphone an uplift. You can work best with fast charging to save your time.

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