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Pakistan to Launch Chip Enabled E-Passport

One of the most populous nations in the world, Pakistan has 50 million passport holders and will be the first to use an chip enabled electronic passport.

As per Director General of Immigration and Passport Dr. Naeem Rauf, there are 180 passport facilities in Pakistan and 292 passport offices throughout the world at the time of the meeting, according to the Director-General for Immigration and Passport (DGIP). The one window method has reportedly been deployed at 71 passport offices throughout the country.

During the fiscal year 2020-21, 2,406,495 passports were issued, with 9,037 of them being banned and categorised as ‘B.’ According to I&P’s Director-General, the agency generates an annual income of Rs 24 billion.

In the conference, it was revealed that there are now 50 million passport holders in the country. E-passports and electronic counters will be available within the next several years. On the e-data passport’s page, there would be a chip for storage.

The committee members all agreed that a timetable for visa verification should be developed. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell said that a timetable had been agreed upon with the relevant agencies when questioned about it.

Chairman committee agreed to provide Directorate a “letter of appreciation” for their excellent work after briefing ended.

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