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Apple unveils macOS 12.1, here’s what’s new

MacOS 12.1 has been released to the general public by Apple after a month-long beta testing period for beta testers. There aren’t many noteworthy additions in this update. However, it addresses some of the most common issues that Mac users have had with the app, including the addition of SharePlay support.

Apple unveils macOS 12.1, here’s what’s new

Since the end of October, when SharePlay was made available on iOS, macOS users have been able to share their media consumption experiences with their favourite people. However, Universal Control has not been included in this build. It says it will be available in the Fall on Apple’s website, but we haven’t heard if that’s accurate. MacOS 12.1 has a lot of new features.

What’s New in MacOS 12.1


Apple unveils macOS 12.1, here’s what’s new

SharePlay enabled sharing of digital goods on the Mac is now possible with the latest version of macOS. All of your favourite media can now be streamed from your phone or tablet to other devices. If the developer has implemented the receptive API, the feature is available for both stock and third-party apps.

Voice Plan on Apple Music

Apple unveils macOS 12.1, here’s what’s new

Apple Music’s Voice Plan, first announced a few weeks ago, is now available with this update. After upgrading their Macs to this version, users can now subscribe to it.

Major Issues Fixed

This build’s patches fix a problem with trackpads on Macs. There were instances where the user’s attempts to interact with the interface were unsuccessful. It also fixes a bug that caused panic when watching HDR YouTube videos on the new MacBook Pro 2021 models.

This software update is currently available for download and installation on supported Macs. Once the installation is complete, make sure your device is plugged in. If you haven’t seen the update yet, give it a few minutes and then reboot your device to see if it appears.

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