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iOS 15.4 Update available for developers and beta testers

Developers and public beta testers who are part of Apple’s beta programme are now receiving iOS 15.2 beta 4 from Apple. To get the new build, you’ll need to be a developer or public beta tester of iPadOS 15.2, watchOS 8.3, or tvOS 15.2 beta 4 (build: 19C5050b).

iOS 15.4 Update available for developers and beta testers

Developers and beta testers can get iOS 15.4 Update

A slew of new functions have been added as a result of the update. To begin with, the notification summary is updated. With the new feature, you won’t have to worry about your apps filling up your display and interrupting your work. So, all of your non-urgent notifications are grouped together and sent to you at a predetermined time. Direct messages (DMs) and time-sensitive notifications will, however, be sent to you immediately.

iOS and iPadOS users will soon see an App Privacy Report that reveals which data is being accessed by Apple and third-party apps via the privacy permissions granted by them. Allowing apps to access their location, camera, contacts, camera microphone and photos is possible with these permissions. As a result, the decision to grant permission to apps will be in the hands of the user going forward.

iPhone users will feel more secure thanks to iOS 15.2’s Find My App feature, which lets them scan their surroundings for AirTags and other devices that can track them without their permission. When iOS 15.2 is installed on an iPhone, a new section of the Find My app called “Items That Can Track Me” will appear. Apple’s tracking technology can be found in items around you, even if they do not belonged to you.

Users will also be able to disable Macro Mode in iOS 15.2. Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro models feature a macro mode that automatically converts the wide-angle camera into a macro camera for taking close-ups.

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