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Pakistan to introduce Artificial Intelligence policy soon

On Saturday, Federal Minister for Information Technology Amin ul Haque stated that the government is committed to enacting a National Artificial Intelligence Policy in Pakistan within the next few months, according to ISLAMABAD.

Pakistan to introduce Artificial Intelligence policy soon

The Pakistani government has already taken landmark steps toward making Pakistan digital, the minister said today at the BlockChain Conference, and the federal cabinet has already gone paperless by shifting work to tablets and android phones.

“This government would also go paperless in its administration of Parliament,” he added.

According to Amin ul Haque, the IT Ministry is ready to collaborate with industry and academia through a trilateral agreement and to present to the cabinet the recommendations of a committee on data protection, cyber security, and collaborative methods.

In his remarks, he stated that the IT ministry is committed to providing IT expertise to Pakistan’s 60 percent young population by providing 3G and 4G services, particularly in the country’s most remote and far-flung regions.

Minister of Information Technology Syed Aminul Haque stated in January that Pakistan has its sights set on

By December 2022, the country will begin offering 5G services.
During a meeting with a high-level delegation from Huawei, which was led by its Middle East Regional Head Charles Yang, the federal minister said this.

5G services are expected to be available in the country by December 2022, he said.

Huawei’s Charles Yang stated at the meeting that the company’s sole focus was on promoting and utilising 5G services throughout the region.

Here, it’s important to note that Pakistan successfully completed the first ever 5G video call experiment in November 2020.

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