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Pakistani Camels amaze people at World largest Camel Festival in Saudi Arabia

The King Abdulaziz Camel Festival now features Pakistani camels, whose performances are highly regarded by the onlookers.

People attending the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival in Saudi Arabia said they were “amazed” to see performances by Pakistani camels and learn how they are used for work and entertainment purposes back home in Pakistan.

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Pakistani Camels amaze people at World largest Camel Festival in Saudi Arabia

Participation from Gulf countries, the United States, France, Russia, and Saudi Arabia is expected to fill the 40-day festival.

Camels were shown to visitors and spectators in Pakistan, as well as how they are used. “Also, they learned about how camels are decorated and used in entertainment programmes. Pakistani camels performed a beautiful dance for festival goers, who were particularly taken by it. This camel show was a big hit with about 3,000 visitors.

Pakistani barbers demonstrated how they decorate camels with motifs to the delight of the audience. Children’s camel breeds and riding techniques were demonstrated to festival attendees, who learned about camel riding in Pakistan. Camels are trained to dance in Pakistan, as well as the variety of jobs they do.

A cultural, economic, sporting, and entertainment event organised by the Saudi Camel Club is held each year at the festival. The festival has now been held six times, the most recent being this year.

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