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This IPhone Feature can safe your data from Hackers

There are always ways to get your data leaked, regardless of how secure your iPhone is. It doesn’t matter if your iPhone is stolen, lost, or hacked; your data is at risk in any situation. Using passwords like 123456 is the quickest and easiest way for any thief to access your phone’s data. Hopefully, you haven’t used these types of passwords.

This IPhone Feature can safe your data from Hackers

To keep your data safe from hackers who try to break into your iPhone’s security, Scott Polderman, the TikTok tech expert, shared the information with his fans. Here’s a breakdown of what this feature entails.

iPhone has a built-in safety feature – Erase Data function

The Erase Data function can be activated on your iPhone if your passwords fail to unlock it after a certain number of unsuccessful attempts. All of your data will be deleted from your iPhone after 10 failed password attempts have been made. The term “everything” refers to all of your iPhone’s data (contacts, messages, photos, and more).

Lost phone means losing information!

Surely you are wondering why losing your iPhone means losing all of the information stored on it! That’s not a problem at all! No matter what happens, you’ll always have a way to get at your data. How? Unless you’ve completely forgotten about your iCloud service! Your data is safe as long as you are backing it up to iCloud on a regular basis.

You can rest assured that your iPhone will be locked out of the device if the thief or hacker tries to access it more than 10 times with the wrong password, and the data will be deleted from your device, so they won’t be able to access your messages, contacts, photos, or any other personal information. Your data, on the other hand, will remain safe and secure in your iCloud, and you can use the same iCloud to restore it to your new iPhone.

How to Enable Erase Data function in IPhone

Step 1: You will need to go to the ‘Settings’ of your device.
Step 2: Search for Face ID & Passcode and enter your password.
Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom and keep your toggle bar for Erase Data to On position.

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