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TikTok desktop streaming software called TikTok Live Studio under testing

Isn’t it time you started watching your favorite TikTok star play video games on TikTok? According to the platform, TikTok has been testing a Windows application called TikTok Live Studio for the past few days.

TikTok desktop streaming software called TikTok Live Studio under testing

TikTok Live can be streamed directly from the app after being installed on your computer. As a viewer, you can use the program’s chat function to communicate with other viewers and stream content from your computer, phone, or gaming console. For the time being, only a small number of Western markets have access to TikTok, according to the company’s spokesperson.

TikTok’s testing of this feature could encourage its users to stay within the app rather than ask their audience to watch the stream on Twitch or YouTube Gaming. This is an obvious benefit. TikTok’s promotional images suggest that the company is geared toward people who want to watch video games being streamed. Although TikTok Live Studio is still in its infancy, it lacks many features that experienced streamers can find in broadcasting software like OBS or Streamlabs. It’s possible to connect a video game console, but you cannot use browser windows as a source or set up in-stream alerts for tips or new followers in TikTok Live Studio despite this.



However, one of the purposes of this feature test is to see how developers use the software. Despite the company’s assurances to TechCrunch, the TikTok Live Studio feature isn’t guaranteed to go live anytime soon. We’ll have to wait and see how TikTok Live Studio performs in the real world before we know for sure how it will be used.

TikTok desktop streaming software called TikTok Live Studio under testing

Content creators are already using TikTok’s live streaming tools to monetize and grow their audiences. Assign moderators and accept tips from users—schedule live Q&As. Use live Q&A tools. It is currently possible to enable or disable gifting and comments and set up keyword filters in TikTok Live Studio. It’s possible that some of the existing features of live streaming, such as assigning moderators and scheduling streams, could be used in a more robust product.

TikTok may also have a chance to expand its reach to more desktop users thanks to this new streaming software. If you’re a video game developer, you need desktop streaming software because smartphones can’t connect to your gaming console and stream simultaneously. The TikTok desktop experience is generally superior to that on mobile devices, encouraging more people to use TikTok on their computers.

What do you think of the new TikTok streaming software? Are you using it?

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