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Xiaomi Mijia Zero Cold Water Gas Heater can preheat pipe water

The Mijia Zero Cold Water Gas Heater, which was just launched in China and is being hailed as the brand’s first zero-cold water gas heater, initially retailed for 2,399 yuan (about $376), but it is now available for pre-sale on Xiaomi Mall for 1999 yuan (about $313).

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Within a few seconds, you’ll be able to get hot water without having to wait for the cold water in the pipeline to evaporate. With a total volume of 18 litres, this device is capable of preheating all of the water in the system. In addition, the heater has a temperature control system with a 0.5°C precision.

Xiaomi Mijia Zero Cold Water Gas Heater can preheat pipe water

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There is no need for a return pipe with this new instant water heater. One-way valve already installed for hot water circulation does come with the unit, however. An independent return pipe can be installed in addition to the one-way valve even if a two-way valve is required.

In addition, the product features segmented fire control technology, allowing you to customise the firepower based on the temperature of the inlet water. The device has four different wash settings: one for adults (43°C), one for comfort (41°C), one for kids (39°C), and one for the kitchen (36°C).

Xiaomi Mijia Zero Cold Water Gas Heater can preheat pipe water

NFC touchpads can be used to turn on the water heater’s automatic preheating function and to quickly sync with other devices. The water heater can also be linked to the smart home platform, allowing you to customise the bathing experience by connecting smart door locks, human sensors, and other devices.

DC variable frequency water pump is built into Xiaomi Mijia Zero Gas Water Heater. You can even use the boost mode to manage your water usage. All of these features are accompanied by numerous safety measures, including a built-in water purification filter and a silver ion antibacterial system.

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