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Instagram test new Subscription Feature in US

It was revealed in November of last year, that Instagram was working on an update that would allow users to subscribe to the accounts of their favorite content producers. Three new subscription capabilities are now being tested by the platform in the United States, in an effort to provide a steady cash stream for platform producers. Currently, just a small number of creators in the area can subscribe, but Instagram plans to expand this to more in the near future.

Instagram test new Subscription Feature in US

It was disclosed by Instagram’s Adam Mosseri in a recent tweet on the three new ways that Instagram producers can make use of the new membership options. Creators will be able to host live streams and share Stories only with their subscriber base if they use Instagram subscriptions, which is something that was highlighted in the video.

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Subscribers will also receive a distinctive badge, which will aid in the identification of their followers on the site. Watch the video in the tweet attached below to learn more about these features.

According to Mosseri, Instagram aims to develop these features so that subscriptions are “embedded across the entire Instagram experience” As a result, Instagram feels that producers “should take ownership of their relationship with their followers.” According to a statement from Instagram, the company is working on ways for creators to “move their subscriber list off of Instagram to other applications and websites.”

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Only a few days ago, Instagram began experimenting with vertical stories and cross-posted videos from Facebook. Now, it’s introducing subscription features. If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to check out some of our other articles.


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