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LUMS holds capacity building of power sector entities

(Lahore, January 7, 2022): A two-day follow-up training workshop for the officer and engineering professionals of DISCOs (Distribution companies) was arranged on January 7, 2022, under the banner of the Power Sector Centre of Excellence (PSCE) established at LUMS in Lahore. PSCE is a training and knowledge hub founded jointly by CPPA-G (Central Power Purchasing Agency) and LUMS Energy Institute (LEI). The training was attended by 80 participants comprising of officials from Distribution Companies (DISCOs), National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC), National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), and CPPA-G.

LUMS holds capacity building of power sector entities

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This Module-II was a continuation of Module-I of the course, where the detailed methodology of Medium-term Demand Forecast (MTDF) was explored. Participants were also given intensive knowledge about the Power Market Survey tool used to gauge bottom-up demand forecasting, acknowledged for providing high accuracy for medium-term demand forecasting worldwide.

Under the upcoming Competitive Trading Bilateral Contracts Market (CTBCM), the power sector entities must create a mutual environment of learning, sharing, and facilitation to modernize and innovate within the competitive electricity market in Pakistan. All involved power entities should collaborate with leading academic institutions to popularise the best practices in the sector as per international standards, said Mr. Waseem Mukhtar, Additional Secretary – Power Division and CEO – CPPA-G.

Dr. Fiaz Chaudhry, Director LEI and Programme Director PSCE, said, “PSCE was established at LUMS to impart training to power sector professionals and equip them with skills needed for long-term integrated system planning. In collaboration with CPPA, we have operationalized PSCE by completing the training on Medium-term Demand Forecasting, which sets the foundation for planning decisions and secure operations of the power system. Robust methodology and accurate forecasts of electricity demand lead to optimal generation and network investments.”

Mr. Omer Haroon Malik, Head Market Operations and Development CPPA-G and Principal Counterpart PSCE, expressed that the long-term financial viability of the power sector depends on improving the efficiency of electricity distribution companies that deliver electricity to consumers. With the introduction of the CTBCM regime in May 2022, these efforts will enhance the market discipline, and therefore, the operational and financial performance of the distribution companies.

The course was divided into two modules. Module-I covered the course material in five days held in October 2021, while Module-II was a follow-up for discussion on the prepared forecasts of DISCOs based on the techniques learned in Module-I. Successful candidates will be issued credentials for completing the course.

About PSCE:
Power Sector Centre of Excellence (PSCE), under the umbrella of CTBCM and in collaboration with LUMS, has been created purposely to serve as a think tank, knowledge base, network, and capacity building hub for the government to institutionalize an indigenous, sustainable center of techno-commercial business acumen in the field of the electricity market. PSCE portfolio comprises of three training programs: Advanced Development Programme (ADP), Professional Development Programme (PDP), and Continuous Development Programme (CDP). All programs are intended to provide a robust training exercise for professionals in the power sector to perform their duties skillfully and proficiently.

About CPPA-G:

Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA-G) is a Company incorporated under the Companies Ordinance, 1984, and wholly-owned by the Government of Pakistan (the “GOP”). Since June 2015, CPPA-G has assumed the business of National Transmission and Dispatch Company (the “NTDC”) about the market operations and presently functioning as the Market Operator following Rule-5 of the NEPRA Market Operator (Registration, Standards, and Procedure) Rules, 2015 (the “Market Rules”).

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