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Telenor Pakistan empowers over 200,000 youth and 4,000 teachers through its Safe Internet Program in 2021

Islamabad, 12 January 2022: With its longstanding commitment to empower societies, Telenor Pakistan has trained over 200,000 students and 4,000 teachers on the safe use of the internet through its Safe Internet Program in 2021. As a responsible service provider, Telenor Pakistan believes in not only connecting people but also equipping them with the tools needed to excel in the online space by organizing in-person and digital training sessions in public and private educational institutions across the country.

Telenor Pakistan empowers over 200,000 youth and 4,000 teachers through its Safe Internet Program in 2021

Through its Safe Internet Program, Telenor Pakistan has taken leaps in its journey to make the internet a safer and inclusive space for all. More than 200,000 students and 4,000 teachers from a total of 441 public and private schools from across Pakistan have been trained under the program. The Safe Internet Program was also expanded to include marginalized segments of society through its partnership with Deaf Reach since individuals with hearing impairment are heavily dependent on technology for their daily communication. Forwarding the Safe Internet initiative, Telenor Pakistan has also enabled policy and curriculum reforms by engaging with relevant public, private, and civil society organizations for developing a progressive digital safety curriculum.

Telenor Pakistan empowers over 200,000 youth and 4,000 teachers through its Safe Internet Program in 2021

Commenting on the achievement, Kamal Ahmed, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Telenor Pakistan said, “We feel that the nature of internet usage has rapidly evolved over the past decade and so has the technology that enables us to use it. With these fast-paced advancements, we have taken it upon ourselves to educate the nation’s young and creative minds on the importance of safe and responsible use of the internet. These students receive training in online safety to make the internet a safer place. We are particularly proud of our collaboration with Deaf Reach to introduce sign language training and enable the inclusion of a wider range of the society. With the tremendous success of the Safe Internet Program this year, we are confident that next year will be even more rewarding.”

Created in collaboration with experienced local and international partners, Telenor Pakistan’s Safe Internet Program ensures that child online safety remains a top priority of relevant stakeholders while sensitizing and enhancing the capacity of teachers, parents, and influencers around the country to address this concern. The interactive, gamified, extensive sessions were designed by Telenor Pakistan and train students of all ages to identify and prevent cyber-bullying, trolling, hate speech, catfishing, misinformation, and privacy, to name a few.

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