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Upcoming Microsoft Windows 11 Maj Upgrade is under trials

The most recent Windows 11 is the most widely used operating system for laptops and desktops worldwide. In order to fix bugs and add new features, the corporation must update it at some point in time. New features for Windows 11 will be introduced before Microsoft’s projected fall 2022 upgrade, according to the company’s statement.

When Microsoft releases the first big Windows 11 update of 2017 later this month, consumers will be able to test new features in the Release Preview and Beta versions.

Microsoft testing Windows 11 upcoming Maj Upgrade

In contrast to Windows 10, the Windows Update and Microsoft Updates in Windows 11 are separate and distinct. With the release of Feature, Web, and Online Service Experience Packs, Microsoft plans to bring upgrades to current features like the taskbar.

Each year, these experience packs are updated with new features and minor tweaks to the operating system. Some parts of Windows 11 will get substantial modifications from the firm, though.

Download Windows 11 Preview 22543.1000 Dev/ 21H2 v22000.348

The Release Preview and Beta channels have both received the new build 22000.526. The OS’s time and date may once again be shown on several screens, according to recent preliminary changes. Adding a clock and the date to the taskbar of other screens will be possible after the upgrade. While Windows 11 has certain flaws, enhancing the functionality of the taskbar is a welcome development.

Additionally, the taskbar’s left side will include weather information, according to the business. As a result, if you center your taskbar, the weather widget will display on the left side of your desktop.

There are plans to add Android compatibility and other features via the experience packs in the coming weeks.

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