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Vivo is working on a phone with Flying Camera [leak]

Vivo is rumoured to be conducting extensive camera-related testing. Following the release of a phone with a gimbal system, Vivo is reportedly working on a smartphone with an inbuilt flying camera.

Vivo is working on a phone with Flying Camera [leak]

Vivo Flying Camera Details

A drone-like camera is supposedly being developed by Vivo, according to the rumour mill. When it’s not attached to a smartphone, it can take aerial photos and videos. A patent for the smartphone is reportedly being sought by Vivo in December 2020 with the World Intellectual Property Office. According to rumours, the Vivo phone will have a flying camera.

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The Vivo phone with a flying camera was first spotted by the Dutch website Lets Go Digital. At the bottom of the phone, there is a pull-out compartment. Four propellers and a battery compartment are integrated into the camera container, making it easy to fly.

It has two cameras and three infrared sensors to prevent collisions while flying in the sky. Foreground and background views are captured by two separate cameras: one on top and another on the bottom. According to the patent, the phone’s camera chamber can be completely removed. In addition to the two built-in cameras, the smartphone may have a third and fourth camera for taking photos.

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The flying camera is expected to be small because it will be housed in a smartphone. To be clear: a patent is no guarantee that the manufacturer will produce this phone. Such parents are less likely to become a reality. Only a small percentage of the patents filed by smartphone makers are ever commercialised.

It was Vivo that first introduced the world to the concept of a smartphone with a gimbal camera. On top of that, there are four cameras on the phone: one with an ultra-wide angle lens, another with a telephoto lens and another with a depth sensor, all of which combine for a total of 48 MP. Front-facing 32-megapixel camera is available for taking self-portraits.

Specs on Vivo X50 Pro

The phone has a Snapdragon 765G 5G processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of internal storage. An AMOLED screen with a 90Hz refresh rate is on board. Android 10 is pre-installed on the Vivo X50Pro. The smartphone retails for Rs 49,990 in India.

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