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Female Qazi performs Nikkah going Viral

A female qazi who defies preconceptions has taken over the Internet. On social media, a video of a woman performing ‘nikkah rites’ for a couple has gone viral. Typically, when we witness someone operating outside of typical gender norms, we hear criticism.

Female Qazi performs Nikkah going Viral

So how did the world react when a female qazi conducted marriage procedures in Delhi? Surprisingly well, in fact. Due to her, the nikkah of Gibran Rehan Rahman and Ursila Ali has gone viral.

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Syeda Saiyadain Hameed, a female qazi, conducted the marriage procedures for the great-grandson of former Indian President Zakir Hussain. Syeda Saiyadain Hameed was also a previous member of the Planning Commission.

Ms. Hameed is heard on the tape stating;

While she was completing the formal paperwork, everyone celebrated the bride and groom’s merger as equals in marital, legal, and spiritual partnership.

While all of this is heartwarming in and of itself, it was the fact that we finally saw a female qazi in action that propelled the video viral. The public applauds the progressive decision.

While we are all aware that women can become qazis legally, this does not fit with traditional gender roles in a patriarchal society. Thus, by restricting women’s socioeconomic options, women are purposefully discouraged.

As a result, it’s unsurprising that not everyone believed that female qazis can better protect Muslim women’s interests. Syed Moinuddin Ashraf, a Muslim cleric from Mumbai’s Sunni Jama Mosque, is one critic. According to him, The Hindustan Times.

“There is no such thing as women qazis in Islam. It is just a new-age thing.”

There has previously been controversy in India over female qazis. However, the Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (BMMA) aggressively teaches women in Quranic law, constitutional law, and gender rights in order to maintain a consistent flow of female qazis across India.

“Traditionally, qazis have all been men, and their judgment has never been questioned, even if many are unfair to women,” said Zakia Soman, a co-founder of BMMA in Mumbai.

The qazi is a significant title since they are responsible for solemnizing marriages and settling divorces and settlements.

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