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GCCM Concrete Canvas Trial at Punjab Irrigation Field Research Station

Lahore, March 31, 2022: In an attempt to revolutionize the irrigation landscape of Pakistan, an international irrigation project was jointly deployed by Steelman Pvt Limited (A REDtone Group Company) and Punjab Irrigation Department (P.I.D).

GCCM Concrete Canvas Trial at Punjab Irrigation Field Research Station

GCCM (Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat) is a product developed by Concrete Canvas UK, brought into Pakistan by Steelman Pvt Limited; a specialized Electro-Mechanical firm; part of the REDtone Group of Companies.


Chief Engineer Irrigation Research Zone Lahore Rashid Aziz (4th from left), Director Irrigation Research Institute (IRI) Ghulam Zakir Hassan Sial (5th from left), and DGM Steelman Ehtisham Habib (1st from left), at the Field Research Station Babakwal, to observe the trial of GCCM Concrete Canvas.

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In order to check its effectiveness, a trial was carried out jointly by Steelman and Punjab Irrigation Department at Field Research Station Babakwal. Chief Engineer, Irrigation Research Zone Lahore, Rashid Aziz, and Director Irrigation, Research Institute (IRI), Ghulam Zakir Hassan Sial, visited the site and observed the demonstration of laying this new canal lining material.

On the occasion, Chief Engineer Rashid Aziz stated, “The material looks great, the main factor observed so far is its easy and fast laying methodology. With the inception of this technique, lining project targets can be achieved ahead of time along with saving of water. Earlier I was a little suspicious about its joints but the way they are being treated with a thermal welding machine is quite satisfactory, however, we will further observe the impact of varying degrees of temperature on these joints as well.”

Expressing his views, Director (IRI) Ghulam Zakir Hassan Sial said, “Pakistan has one of the largest irrigation networks in the world, however, controlling seepage through canals remains a serious concern for our country. The Irrigation Research Institute of Lahore was set up in 1924 and it has been engaged in conducting research studies on various lining materials to counter the issue of seepage loss through canals. Concrete Canvas will be declared as effective and sound for use, subsequently, after processing it through various semi-field conditions it will be a great breakthrough, as we get past the trial stage.”

Explaining the technology used, Deputy General Manager Steelman Pvt. Ltd.; Ehtisham Habib, expressed, “The proposed new lining technology is quite unique and innovative as Concrete Canvas is one of those systems that are durable, cost-effective, time-saving and eco-friendly as compared to the traditional methodology being used locally. I am sure that the trial will be a success and, we will be able to achieve great results.”

At the end of the visit, a plantation activity was also carried out under the clean and green campaign.

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