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Google Your Ramadan Friend: have more meaningful time in this holy month

Ramadan is usually the most critical time to establish relationships and improve oneself. Ramadan activities such as fasting, sehri, and iftar, as well as Eid celebrations, fill this holy month. With numerous features across multiple products, Google is here to assist Pakistanis in focusing on Ramadan, remaining connected, and spending meaningful time with their families regardless of where they are.

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Your Fasting Companion

Google Your Ramadan Friend

Changing routines is a difficult task in and of itself. This year, not only will they be fasting for an entire month, but they will also be required to maintain an active lifestyle in the middle of the new normal. Begin by looking for the phrases “Ramadan” or “Ramadan 2022” in Google Search; information ranging from the fasting start date, greetings, and prayer hours, as well as numerous other details to assist in planning activities for the month of Ramadan until Eid al-Fitr, are all in one location.

Business owners can also use Business Hours on Google Maps to keep their business information on Google correct and up to date, particularly for Imsak and Iftar timings.

Your Iftar Companion

Following a day of fasting, breaking the fast is something you anticipate and wish to spend with your family or closest relatives. The delight of sharing a meal with others can be felt from home or wherever you are. For instance, make cooking a shared activity, and many recipes from around the world are available via Google Search. If all else fails, you can always conduct a Google Search or Maps search for “delivery restaurants near me.”

Google Your Ramadan Friend

When Iftar time arrives, Qibla Finder will assist in determining the fixed heading towards the Ka’bah in Mecca’s Great Mosque.

Your Friend at the Ramadan Gathering

To assist more Pakistani families in finding additional things to engage in while waiting for Iftar, Google Arts & Culture has launched Art Coloring Book — Ramadan and Eid Edition, which enables anybody to learn and colour their favourite artwork straight on the site or application.

Google Your Ramadan Friend: have more meaningful time in this holy month

Additionally, Google Play’s Editor’s Choice tab featured a variety of recommended applications, engaging games, and special promotions to accompany Pakistan during this holy month. Check out Google Play Points to earn up to 5x points during special events that can be redeemed for any application.

Your Eid Companion

What makes the time leading up to Eid unique is preparing to present your best self, from what to wear to what to bring on the day of Eid – simply point the lens or scan using Google Lens’s ‘Shopping’ feature.

Google Your Ramadan Friend: have more meaningful time in this holy month

Eid al-Fitr is a time for family and relatives to congregate and reconnect. With a variety of Google Duo features – including Ramadan-specific filters, Group Calls, Video Messages, Data Saving Mode, and Duo on Web – it is anticipated that it will help deepen friendships, kick-start Eid moments from home, and adhere to health guidelines.

The newest information about Google products will continue to be provided to assist people in Pakistan in making the most of their daily lives. Follow Google Pakistan on social media to learn additional tips and the newest advancements from Google products that may be used during Ramadan.

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