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Telegram to launch Premium Version

Telegram was rumoured to be intending to offer a premium tier with more capabilities akin to Discord Nitro or Slack Pro last month. Pavel Durov, a company executive, has now verified that it is indeed taking place.

Telegram Premium Version

Telegram to launch Premium Version

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Telegram Premium will be the paid tier, and it is expected to arrive later this month. Everyone will continue to have access to all of the features that are now available for free. Even better, Telegram has announced that the free tier will be getting new features as well, though no details have been provided.

Telegram Premium will allow “anyone to acquire more features, speed, and resources,” according to Durov, who did not provide further specifics. It will also allow users to support Telegram and be among the first to receive new features, he added.

Telegram Premium will have indirect benefits for free users, including as reading extra-large documents sent by Premium users, keeping their media and stickers, and employing premium reactions for themselves.

Finally, the CEO stated that while Telegram’s experiences with adverts on public channels were effective, he still believes that users should support the service rather than advertisers. That’s where Telegram Premium comes in as a method for users to contribute to the app’s development.

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