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Free Fire Tales returns with a brand new chapter, Double Trouble!

  • Free Fire will be brought to life through the eyes of a new character, Tatsuya Garcia
  • Surprises await fans and players from 23 Sep, including a web event, in-game content, collectables and more
  • The main film, Free Fire Tales: Double Trouble, will be released on 24 Sep

Karachi, 26 September 2022 – Free Fire’s animated series, Free Fire Tales, is back with an all-new chapter, Free Fire Tales: Double Trouble. This latest chapter follows the journey of new character Tatsuya Garcia and his brother, Shirou, as they navigate the brotherhood challenges and discover what it means to be “Stronger Together.”

Free Fire Tales returns with a brand new chapter, Double Trouble!

Free Fire Tales returns with a brand new chapter, Double Trouble!

Fans and players can look forward to dramatic plot twists and jam-packed action as Double Trouble delves deeper into the game’s lore with the release of its main film Free Fire Tales: Double Trouble on 24 September. In the film’s release, an exciting lineup of activities such as a special web event and exclusive in-game content will also drop on 23 September.

Dive deeper into the Free Fire Universe as brothers Tatsuya and Shirou overcome evil

Set to premiere on 24 September, the main film, Free Fire Tales: Double Trouble, follows the story of brothers Tatsuya and Shirou as they learn to put aside their differences and work together to defeat a greater evil. Told through the lens of Tatsuya, the tale of self-discovery and buried secrets will show the brothers the importance of brotherhood, even as the life they once knew changes around them.

Check out the action trailer for the main film Free Fire Tales: Double Trouble here.

Free Fire Tales: Newest updates to this chapter

Hints of Tatsuya’s story will be unveiled within Free Fire through a full reskin of the lobby, various themed weapons and collections, and other in-game content. Starting 23 September, players and fans can immerse themselves further in action by roleplaying as Tatsuya and competing against Shirou in the themed in-game mission. Furthermore, players can participate in the “Griza Fighter” Web event, where they will take on multiple villains and eventually battle against the ultimate boss.

Other Patch Day Highlights

In the same period, Free Fire will also introduce several updates to the game on 21 September:

  • Free Craftland Custom Rooms: Players will now get a certain number of “Free-Play” room cards to create Craftland custom rooms for free
  • Customizable Droid Apocalypse in Craftland: Easily modify the layout, parameters, and rules to create the perfect PvE battle according to your liking
  • “Official Recommendation” section on Craftland’s homepage: Players will now regularly get recommendations for new and exciting thematic maps to try out

Stay tuned for more updates and the latest Free Fire news on Facebook and YouTube.

Free Fire can be downloaded on both the Apple iOS App and Google Play store.

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