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TCL introduces Breeva Air Purifier that is needed in every office and home

Air quality has become a growing concern for people all across Pakistan. With deteriorating environmental conditions, it is the need of every individual to breathe clean and healthy air. TCL introduced Breeva Air purifier that will neutralize the negative consequences on health caused by air pollution, ensuring healthy breathing space in homes and offices.

TCL Breeva Air Purifier

TCL introduces Breeva Air Purifier that is needed in every office and home

TCL’s latest Breeva Air Purifier brings back comfort to your home with UV-C degerming function to remove most of the germs and other allergy sources from your home, ensuring a safer and healthier environment for you and your loved ones. The latest Air purifier comes with a Laser Dust and VOC Sensor, which removes more than 99% of all dust particles in your room.

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Breeva is suitable for rooms up to 246 sq. ft, which makes it ideal for larger halls. It has a 3-in-1 filtration system that should help against cigarette smoke, among other things, but also against exhaust fumes, dust, pet fur, pollen, allergens, and even odors.

One of the main USPs is the affordable maintenance cost; you won’t be able to get it anywhere in the market. Not only does this purifier get rid of germs and dirt particles, but it is also a part of TCL’s mission of a smart home. You can connect Breeva to Alexa and Google Assistant and the TCL Smart home app, through which you can give it a command from anywhere and anytime when it comes to the Ionizer. This device is safe and does not produce unauthorized amounts of ozone. This product meets the maximum permissible ozone concentration of 0.050 parts per million by volume (ppmv) over 24 hours. The Breeva is unique and distinctive because it has a beautiful night-time bright yellow color in addition to the sleep mode. This combination of sleep mode and night light is excellent for a bedroom or other darkroom, giving you nice ambient light and clean air.

The latest air purifier has outstanding airflow needed by every other consumer in the home or office. TCL is committed to ensuring the safety and health of consumers, and the efficient purification system in its air purifiers fulfills this commitment. If you are also struggling with poor air quality and deteriorating environmental conditions, Breeva air Purifier helps you breathe in pure and clean air. This is your chance to lift your living standard by filling your surrounding atmosphere with safe and healthy air through a TCL air purifier.

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