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Scarsdale School Lahore Incident – Students Torture and Bully Young Girl

Four female students of Scarsdale School Lahore in Punjab’s capital have tortured and humiliated their classmate girl. The girl was reportedly a student at Scarsdale International School in Lahore who had been beaten up because she had refused to partake in her classmate’s illicit activity—drinking alcohol—and had instead told her family about it. In reaction, Jannat Malik, Umaima Malik, and Noor Rehman ganged up on the girl, brutally beating her to the ground and then torturing her for some time on a private campus.

Scarsdale School Lahore Incident

Scarsdale School Lahore Incident

Famous Celebrities Reaction

Actor-host Ahmed Ali Butt, in his Instagram story about the incident, expressed regret over the video of girls torturing a fellow student and wrote that the parents of the children are responsible for such incidents and do not know what their children are doing.

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He also blamed the management of educational institutions for the incident.

Scarsdale School Lahore Incident - Students Torture and Bully Young Girl

Ahmed Ali Butt wrote that our children and youth have gone wrong due to the misuse of drugs and harmful use of media. Ahmed Ali Butt lamented that four girls were torturing a girl together while the rest were making videos of him and insulting him by taking his name.

Singer-actor Ali Zafar also expressed regret over the incident, described it as painful, and narrated the story of a similar incident that happened to him during his student days. In a series of tweets, Ali Zafar condemned the torture of a classmate girl by the students and said that the accused girls should get a chance to become good human beings, but those affected by this incident should also get justice.

Ali Zafar emphasized that laws and regulations should be made against insulting or torturing students in educational institutions; everyone in educational institutions should be seen as good human beings in the same way.

Scarsdale School Lahore Incident - Students Torture and Bully Young Girl

Model-actress Mirb Ali also expressed grief over the incident and hoped the victim would get justice. Mirb Ali wrote that he hoped that the tortured child would be given justice while the princesses of her parents would be punished and sent to jail.

Actress Yashma Gill also shared a screenshot of the incident and called it sad. The actress wrote, “Do not know when our children and youth will understand that insulting someone and torturing someone is not good.

Scarsdale School Lahore Incident - Students Torture and Bully Young Girl

Apart from showbiz personalities, social media users also condemned the students’ torture of their classmate girl and demanded that the girls who tortured them be punished.

It may be recalled that the video of the incident had gone viral a day earlier, after which the Punjab Police registered a report of the incident and started investigating the matter. Police of Lahore’s Defence Housing Authority (DHA) had filed the case on the complaint of the victim’s father Imran Younis.

Scarsdale School Lahore Incident - Students Torture and Bully Young Girl

According to the FIR, the victim’s father said his daughter was studying in a private school where school girls attacked him, and one of the girls who was shot had a dagger in her hand. Imran Younus, the victim’s father, argued that one of the attackers was a girl boxer who punched his daughter in the face because she was injured.

He further said in the FIR that another girl tried strangulating the victim. The video clip on social media to take legal action against the attacker girls is enough evidence. In the FIR, the father, Imran Younus, alleged that the main suspect involved in the attack was a drug addict and wanted to give drugs to his daughter too, but the daughter refused to take drugs.

Father Imran Younus said his daughter had also recorded a video of her fellow students using drugs in the school. According to the FIR, Imran Younis further said that later the daughter showed me the video clip, so I shared the video with the suspect’s father, after which the girls (suspects) got angry and planned a murderous attack on the daughter.

He told the police that his daughter was deeply shocked after the incident, but after the video went viral on social media, he and his family faced mental torture.


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