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Start Your Day With The Perfect Cup Of Coffee From The Coffee House in Islamabad

Islamabad is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are numerous places that you must visit, including the Faisal Mosque. The architecture is unmatched, making it one of the most famous mosques worldwide. That’s not all. If you want to eat while overlooking the entire Islamabad, go to Pir Sohawa. While most people associate it with beauty alone, Islamabad is famous for a lot more.

Start Your Day With The Perfect Cup Of Coffee From The Coffee House in Islamabad

Over the years, Islamabad is seeing an increase an in food and beverage outlets. There are numerous names that deserve a mention but none more so than the Coffee House. Based in the I-9 sector, this newly established café offers exciting beverages. It offers an extensive variety of coffees and shakes. If you are looking to escape the chilly winters, go for a hot cup of coffee and the Coffee House’s in-house baked biscuits.

Don’t mistake this café for a coffee shop only. If you did not have time to have a proper breakfast or looking for a delicious lunch, then The Coffee House has you covered. You can have a sumptuous breakfast or a upsize burger to quench your hunger. One thing that we can guarantee is that the Coffee House will not disappoint. Whether it is the barista with tonnes of experience or the servers, they all know how to make a customer happy.
If you are looking to host a friend or a family member, we highly recommend this place. Why? The ambience is more than perfect, and the café is unlike other typical places in Islamabad or anywhere else in Pakistan. The unique approach to the café’s design is what makes it a must try. The chairs are comfortable, and the place is quite cosy, compelling you to stay for longer periods.

If you don’t have conveyance to visit this place and don’t want to spend money on a ride sharing app, then the Coffee House offers the perfect solution. It is a 5 – 7 minute walk from the I9 (Potohar) Metro Station. All you need to do is hop onto your nearest metro station and drop off at the I9 station. Once you are inside the Coffee House, the trip will be worth it.

Compared to other coffee shops and cafés in Islamabad, the Coffee House’s pricing is quite reasonable. Regardless of the item you select, you will feel that it offers value for money and more. If you are feeling thirsty and hungry, it is time to get up and head towards the Coffee House. The Coffee House is surrounded by renowned IT companies, startups, and a coworking space. When inside the Coffee House, you get a chance to interact with talented individuals. Share ideas and network with one another.

Who knows, you might get your next big break just by having a coffee here!

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