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Why you should Consider the Range of Your WiFi Router ?

In modern life, Wi-Fi plays a significant role. Many activities depend on Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity, from online gaming to attending work conferences. The effectiveness of Wi-Fi depends a lot on the router, especially in the range of the router. The router’s range determines the maximum distance a Wi-Fi signal can be transmitted. Therefore, the higher the Wi-Fi range, the better the Wi-Fi signal coverage, which plays an essential role in the home and office setup. 

Why Should You Consider The Wi-Fi Range Of Your Router?

WiFi Router

As discussed above, the router’s range determines the area the signal can cover. A router with a small capacity can give rise to dead spots in your work area. It, in turn, can result in the interruption of internet activity. On the other hand, a good range ensures smooth internet accessibility from all the places in the area. 

Secondly, the router range also affects the speed of the internet connection. For instance, a poor router range will result in a weaker signal, slowing down the internet connection speed. You can use PTCL to check the internet speed in different locations of the house or office. However, a router with good coverage will ensure a good internet speed which is verifiable in the Speed Test platform, irrespective of the distance between the router and the device. 

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The third reason to consider the Wi-Fi range of the router is that it is common to connect a single router with multiple devices. The internet connection speed decreases with an increase in the number of devices connected to the router. A poor range of the router further amplifies this problem. Lastly, many factors, such as physical obstacles, hamper the Wi-Fi signal. A Wi-Fi router with a good range faces less interference from such barriers. Thus, a good Wi-Fi router range ensures a better internet connection that is both stable and reliable. 

Factors Influencing The Range Of The Router

The router’s build, including the hardware and software, affects the router’s range. Additionally, the frequency band of the router is also directly related to the router of the spectrum. For example, a router operates on two frequency bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The 2.4 GHz frequency band has a higher internet coverage, whereas the 5 GHz has a lower range. However, the internet speed of 2.4 GHz is slower than 5 GHz. In addition, the design and placement of the router’s antenna can influence its range. 

It is crucial to consider many factors to decide on a suitable router’s range. The size of the space you want to use the Wi-Fi is of utmost importance. The greater the area of the functional space, the more should be the range of the router. If the place is exceedingly large, one can consider a mesh router for total connectivity in the area without any blind spots. Additionally, different internet activities’ speed and bandwidth requirements should be considered when deciding on a router’s range. 

How To Enhance The Range Of The Router?

The easiest way to increase the router’s range is to place the router in a central location. First, it will ensure uniform signal distribution throughout the office or the home setup. Secondly, you can use a mesh network and range extender to improve the router’s coverage. 

As discussed above, the frequency band also influences the router’s coverage. Therefore, depending upon the distance between the router and the device, one must select the suitable frequency band to carry on with the internet activities. Also, whenever there is a firmware update, one should go for it not only to improve the coverage but also to improve the general performance of the router. 

Ways To Measure Router’s Range?

Many companies list the coverage area of the router in their packages. You can check the information to know the exact range of the router. Another simple way of determining the range includes using a device such as a smartphone or a telephone to check the strength of the Wi-Fi signal in different locations. There are also analyzer tools available in the market which can help determine the exact range of the router. 

In conclusion, the router’s range plays a profound role in optimizing the office or home network. A router packed with a good range and the right features provides a reliable Wi-Fi connection throughout the setup, making it easier to enjoy a seamless internet connection. 


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